A step closer

Week 1 at college is all about making friends, attending classes and receiving your lesson plans for the semester and understanding the overall idea of our subjects. My classes for my first semester from January 2017- March 2017 included Futureproof personal development planning and Future fashion innovators.

Future proof personal development planning made me understand that I need to have a direction and goal in my life and work towards it, in order to achieve my dreams of being a fashion buyer. Waking up with a vision in mind and fulfilling the same will help me move a step closer to success.

It is important to identify what skills are required in order to achieve my goals and work towards attaining the same. Based on this it is understood that it is important to

– Be organized

– Understanding ones goals

– Setting your priorities out

– Setting a suitable deadlines

– Making your strengths your plus point and keeping in mind your opportunities and threats.

Working harder on mastering the basic skills of a buyer and taking action regarding the same and making progress.

According to BoF (Business of Fashion) Central Saint Martins, Kingston University, Royal Academy of Fine arts, Parsons, FIT, LCF etc, are the few universities who support the fashion industry and help us in increasing our knowledge in our fields of desire.

Keeping this in mind I decided to do a short online course with London College of Fashion in Buying and merchandising in order to understand the duties and responsibilities of a fashion buyer and merchandiser. It was a 9 week long course that gave me a better understanding of the industry by doing projects based on topics a buyer and merchandiser need to know.

During the course of this module we get the opportunity of working on a real time fashion event by creating an event of our own at the venue and work on our desired fields in order to build our digital portfolio. This event will give us a feel of how the industry works and the responsibility every individual has.


Fig 1: https://assets.paddle8.com/1183/1046/72848/72848-1435082547-Mulberry%20AW13.jpg



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