It’s Celebrity week !

Listening to professionals in a field and getting inspired by their wise words is always a good way to start your morning. Andrea Chong, one of the most well known fashion bloggers in Singapore came in this morning to give us a talk on her life as a blogger and the various skills she has and how she has improved over the years. She says that she started of as a blogger as she realised she is interested in sharing her life with people and has developedimage10.jpeg from there.

Her blog is mainly dominated by travel posts and believes that photography is very important and does so all by herself along with the edits. She believes that it is important for one to be themselves and express their style and trends to the world and not change their identity. She also believes that blogging is a great platform to market yourself and share your piece of work with people around the world.

Since Futureproof personal development planning is all about ones development over the years, I am going to re-make my past projects since my Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign skills have improved greatly over the years. Hence, re-doing past projects will help me make my portfolio work better.

Formulating a future plan for the next one year will help me work towards my goal and attain the job as a buyer. Working on projects that help a buyer will add to my portfolio making my goal more achievable. Hence I am going to formulate my next 1 year plan as to what steps I will take in order to reach my goal.

Next week on February 9th,2017 Antonio Gonzalez de Cosio one of thegiphy-1 most well renowned names of the fashion industry is visiting our college for a talk and to share his experience with us in this beautiful industry. He is a fashion journalist and fashion stylist for a number of celebrities and is currently the editor of Marie Claire in Mexico. I am looking
forward to gain knowledge from his work and implement the same in mine.


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