Fashion has its own language

This week was all about inspiration from Antonio Gonzalez de Cosio. The man behind Marie Claire, Mexico. The man who dresses some of the leading ladies of this beautiful fashion industry. On a sunny Thursday afternoon, he enlightened and inspired each one of us with his work and wise words and how he reached where he is today.


With Karl Lagerfeld

He has attended a number of fashion weeks in Paris and New York but believes that Paris is where the fashion trends lie. With 30 years of experience in the industry and meeting the most prominent figures in the industry, he is one of the most simple, sweet and down to earth human beings.


Coming from the journalism background, he gave us insights on how to write a fashion story. It’s important to know the codes of the brand and the message they are trying to deliver to their target group. It’s important to know what is happening in the world around you in order to implement the same in your work to grab more consumer attention.

From his past experience he also advised us to use our imagination with things around us and to keep it simple at times, as being minimalistic sometimes is great.

img_6354He also told us about he at one point did not enjoy his work with one of the companies that he has worked with which was when he realized that it is important to do work that makes you happy and the name does not matter and it is the opportunity that makes all the difference.

By the end of his talk I was very inspired and believed that nothing cane stop you from conquering your dreams and it’s just a matter of time and your talent can take you to places.

On the other hand my Friday morning lecture gave me a lot of knowledge about blogging and how it can help one. We were asked to work on a short presentation, and explain how Andrea Chong’s talk helped us understand the art of blogging and what we think the future in blogging is.

The presentations made me learn and understand the blogging has great scope for people to market themselves and their work. It is a great platform that helps people portray their work to the world. On research by each on of us it was understood that in the future, bloggers can become entrepreneurs, blogging will soon be more graphical than textual, creating a more engaging blog to keep the readers excited and interested. Each of these trends and more will be the future in blogging and is one platform that can go viral.


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  1. very well written. keep it up!

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    1. surbhihasija says:

      Thank you so much natasharodriguespadival


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