Develop your personal skills.

I am half way through my semester and it is now when the pressure builds and the workload increases. I am currently working on my research to start my own brand and master my skills of buying. I am working on the PEST analysis, which is the political, economic, social and technological fields of the country I’m setting up my business in. Putting down a SWOT analysis for my brand will help me understand how good or bad the business would do. On understanding the PEST analysis formulating my USP (Unique selling point) for my products would be my biggest step towards making my brand successful.

On Friday morning we learnt all about the various personal factors involved in development. It is important to have good social skills in order to communicate with people around you both verbally and non-verbally in terms of body language, gestures etc. Social skills include communication, relationship building which means building relations with higher authorities and creating contacts which helps in getting information, team work and coping with uncertainty.

As a part of childhood development thinking, seeing and doing play a major role. By seeing one means, noticing the content, difference in other people’s behavior etc. Thinking constitutes of, thinking how to interpret behavior, predicting what other people would say and developing effective strategies. Doing certain things as a child helps us develop into better human beings, factors such as interacting with people in a positive manner, knowing how to do certain things and what to do and above all knowing social rules.

Friday morning’s lecture was all about the various skills one must have in order to develop has a human being starting from their childhood to the skills at their work-place.

In a working environment it is important to have interpersonal skills like

  • Managing relationships
  • Empathy
  • Team-work
  • Great attitude
  • Respect for fellow workers
  • Appropriate contact
  • Active listening.

This made me understand the various personal skills I require in order to fit into the society. It made me identify what are my weaknesses and how I need to work towards making them better.


Fig 1:


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