“Be Exclusive” – Rachel Lim

“Love, Bonito a Singapore based fast fashion brand is headed by a young girl Rachel in her 20’s. She is a fashion entrepreneur who started her brand in 2010 that targets Asian women between the age of 22-34. She held a small workshop on Thursday morning at the National Design Centre, Singapore to give young fashion enthusiasts an insight on the business of fashion.

The workshop was very inspiring for me and taught me a lot because, just like her I want to open my own fashion store as well. She buys garments from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bangkok and Malaysia and sells them in Asian countries.

The vision of the brand is empowering confidence through style. With this as their mantra they bridge the gap for the Asian women body type and sell garments that would suit every Asian girls body and give them the right fit.

She also shared her inside secrets about how hard this industry has become over the years in terms of competition, country laws and the difficulties in shipping.

She believes in the phrase “hire slowly, fire quickly”, by which she means that one should get to know their employee inside out before hiring them, not only their background but also how they behave in social gatherings or when they are not under stress at work.

They soon began to expand and tried creating awareness about their brand in Indonesia by collaborating with a renowned Indonesian brand, Texsaverio. They started their online selling as well which has it’s own pros and cons.

This talk was very inspiring as it pushed me to think deeper about my brand and what I need to take into account before I set out to start my own line.


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