How to be a critical reader?

This week was very stressful and tiring because we are reaching towards the end of our semester. So its all about submitting our work, working on our portfolios, working on our skills and projects to help us work towards our goals in life. On Tuesday we had a small talk by Plantui – smart garden. Plantui smart garden is an all in one indoor garden that is ideal for every home, on can grow herbs, salads, plants in any part of their home. This small talk taught me about the various types of marketing like :Inbound marketing, Earned media, Point of sale etc.

Followed by the short talk was a small workshop by one of our visiting faculty who teaches Business studies. In this talk she informed us about a competition that is taking place in Asia where we would get the opportunity to go to Finland for three days. As a part of this competition we will be given a topic where we need to formulate an idea and we will have to work on it over a week and the result will either take us to Finland for three days or we would win prize money.

This competition will not only push me to think out of the box as the competition requires that but will also push me to think of an idea which is feasible. This will help me improve my team working skills as I will be working with three other students from my department at college. This will teach me to stay calm and to handle undesired situations in a calm and sensible manner. In this competition we would be working on an idea which is for a A listed designer in Finland, and if she likes our idea and executes it not only would we get the opportunity to meet her, but will also help me expand my network.

On Friday during my class we were taught about the importance of critical thinking. It is the process of engaging in reflective and independent thinking and to understand the logical connections between ideas. Critical thinking is important for:

  • Self-improvement
  • Creative mind set
  • Better team player
  • Solving problems

The various steps important for critical thinking include:

  1. Reasoning – It is the method of demonstrating logical thinking and providing evidence in order to prove an argument
  2. Evaluating – It is the method of commenting on the success and failure something.
  3. Problem solving – It is the process of working through the minute details of a problem and identifying the risks to get a solution.
  4. Decision making– Understanding the importance of the various steps required and the process of making important decisions.
  5. Analysis – It is the process of examining and explaining and incorporating and contrasting various elements and relating it to your topic.
  6. Critiquing– The process of identifying and examining the weakness in an argument and acknowledging strengths.
  7. Reflecting – Considering topics by taking into consideration new information or considering their view points.
  8. Inference – Inference is nothing but a conclusion that is reached on the basis of reasoning and evidence.

Critical thinking is very important and is a skill that is taught to individuals as kids. Critical thinking not only makes on a dynamic team player but also improves their personality on a large level.

During our Friday morning session we were also introduced to a creative form of presentation called Pecha Kucha. Pecha Kucha is a 20X20, which is 20 slides for 20 seconds each without any text on them. Each of the images change automatically after 20 seconds and one explains their topic within that short span of time. We students are expected to make one as well and share our topic with the class the following week.

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