New Opportunities !

Design Finland is a competition that approached our college 2 weeks back which gives us the opportunity to visit Finland if we win. Design Finland is celebrating 100 years of their design heritage and organized a competition for students from Southeast Asian countries. The competition requires each of us their participating groups to formulate marketing plans for the four industries in Finland which includes, fashion, food and beverages, E-commerce etc.

On Monday, March 6th my group finally received our topics for the competition wherein we had to research and formulate a marketing campaign for Pre Helsinki, a Finnish fashion organisation that promotes young Finnish designers and ETL the Finnish food and beverage industry.

The goal of the project was to formulate a plan to create brand awareness for each of these industries, which were entering the Southeast Asian market.   Working on this competition it gave me insight on the various Southeast Asian markets, in terms of their consumer behaviour, social and cultural factors, players in the market, marketing techniques adopted in various countries etc.

We were given one week’s time to complete each of these topics at the end of which the winner not only wins tickets to Helsinki, Finland but also wins prize money. This competition pushed me to think out of the box and create Ad campaigns and videos that would create brand awareness and also helped me improve on my team work skills and handling situations under pressure.

AD campaign for Pr Helsinki


AD campaign for ETL




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