It’s Design week !

On March 11th 2017, I took part in the Singapore design trail and volunteered to help during the event. It was a two day long event, the trail is all about the various design stops which such as the Airbnb office, journey eat store, the Chinese centre, collision 8 etc. Each of these stops portrayed different forms of art like fashion, interior, product, architecture etc. The trail began from the National Design Centre and went about to the various stops. Certain points had talks by professionals from the industry. In order to be a part of the design trail and to enjoy the design experience, people register for free and hop on and hop off the Design trail bus at every point.

I was volunteering as a floater, wherein I had the opportunity to visit all the spots before the event and have a look at each of them in order to help visitors move around the various venues. I also had the opportunity of interacting with visitors at the event and providing them with information regarding the trail.

On attending talks it did not only pertain me to learn about fashion but also understood a small part of interior design. I had the opportunity of visiting Journey East, a furniture store with some beautiful pieces and setting. I have attached a few images for you to have a look at the store !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This trail taught me to be patient, and work with different people from various fields and backgrounds. This helped my build my communication and team work skills.


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