Failure leads to success

With the semester passing by, my classmates and I are finding it harder to put together our event since we are unable to get confirmation from bloggers for our event. Hence, we decided to change up our event to a common market. Since, we were unable to take project preloved on the road by the 14th of May we pushed our event to the 27th of May to a common market.

The common market is one wherein we give young and upcoming designers and brands from Singapore and Indonesia the opportunity to showcase their brand to the locals. For the event I am handling the marketing department wherein we advertise the event through social media i.e., Facebook and instagram. Everyday we share one image regarding the event such as brand profiles, coming soon posters etc. The common market is a great platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their talent and work and gain recognition in a different market.

So far, for the event we have got four brands on board and are still approaching multiple brands like Apparella, Love Bonito etc. We have also got a venue sponsor Lepark with whom we will collaborate for the event. Due to the failure with our previous event, it has taught me to work harder and organize myself along with working in a team and facing failures.



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