It all works out !

Our event that we have been working on is finally taking shape. Our event is called the common market Singapore wherein we bring up and coming young fashion designers, brands, lifestyle brands together and provide them with a platform to showcase their work to the Singaporean market.

After facing a lot of difficulties with the venue and almost not having one, we finally pulled through and managed to get the National Design Centre as our venue sponsor with a major discount. Our event is taking place on Sunday May 28th from 12pm-7pm.

The execution of this event was so last minute that we had just 10 days to market the event in order to have enough number of walk ins to satisfy the brands taking part. We have brands such as susy + bae, 13 rushes, teatox and co, inca, strictly, olya, graye etc. We have 9 brands covering fashion for men and women, lifestyle and make up.

Since I am heading the marketing department, based on a discussion with my group, we decided to share information through our posts on social media every 3 hours keeping the audience excited.

I wrote captions that would grab attention and make the audience eager about the event. I also contacted fashion and make up bloggers inviting them to attend our event and spread the word. We even requested the participating brands to market on their pages in order to inform their consumers about the same.

On getting confirmations with brands, I helped in contacting and informing them about the same. I even contacted photographers who could document the entire event for our college page. Lets hope the event goes smoothly and the vendors are all happy !



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