Common Market SG a success !

Hard work does pay off after all! After all the ups and downs Common market SG has finally come to an end. We reached our venue National Design centre at 10 pm and began the set up which was quite tiring thank to the hot sunny weather in Singapore !

We had a great set up at the event for all the brands and three of our external vendors like susy + bae, 13 rushes and graye did themselves really well and were happy with their sales however, they suggested that though the location was great a better location where they could grab more attention would have boosted their sales more.

The event kept me on my toes with the marketing since I was the head and had to keep updating the audience with the happening of the event in terms of venue set up, brands taking part etc. Along with marketing I also volunteered to man the stall for one of our vendors called Apparella. Which taught me to be patient and how to push people to make purchases.

During the course of putting this event together we learnt not only how to work as a team and put up with different individuals but it also taught me how to work in tough situations.




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