Yes..No.. Maybe so..

For my Final submission, I was finally ready with Retail box and the various aspects to my submission. The idea of choosing such a simple topic was the fact that we had to pick topics that would add to our portfolio based on our ambitions. Hence I picked a buying project since that is my field of interest. From outside all occupations show the glamorous side of the job attracting students. Working on this project made me realize the amount of mathematics, thought and pressure one has to deal with while putting together a buying plan.

During our 2-week long term break, I visited Spain and Portugal with my family and got spend a lot of time with them. On talking to them about my future goals and the current dilemma that I am in of whether I want to be a buyer or a marketer they advised me to explore my options and not limit myself to one path.

Taking this advise I began to research in the various fields and my interest was inclining towards fashion marketing and management. I also visited councilors in order to get a better understanding of various course options for further studies In various countries and cities. However, I am still uncertain if I would want to work after I finish my degree this December or go for my further studies.

These are a few important decisions I need to make by the end of the month and start working towards them. Let see what the future holds!





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