Time to Kickstart my brand!

As a part of our project requirements, we were asking to upload our projects on Kickstarter and get a funding for our project. My Kickstarter campaign was up on the Internet from October 25th November 15th. As a part of my campaign, I needed a funding of $1200 SGD in order to provide employment opportunities for women in order to help them and their families lead better lives. In order to make people understand my brand and our identity, I created a short video for them to understand what they would be funding for.

As a part of my funding people could back me with any amount of money however, on contributing $5 we thank them for showing their support in empowering women, $20 contribution would receive an Aloe infused clutch bag, $49 contribution would receive an aloe-infused printed sarong and $99 contribution would receive an embroidered sarong.

The campaign was up for 3 weeks and I was lucky enough to have reached my funding goal of $1200 SGD and be able to support the cause of Empowering women through this project.

Reference: https://www.kickstarter.com/help/brand_assets


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