Develop your personal skills.

I am half way through my semester and it is now when the pressure builds and the workload increases. I am currently working on my research to start my own brand and master my skills of buying. I am working on the PEST analysis, which is the political, economic, social and technological fields of the…

Fashion has its own language

This week was all about inspiration from Antonio Gonzalez de Cosio. The man behind Marie Claire, Mexico. The man who dresses some of the leading ladies of this beautiful fashion industry. On a sunny Thursday afternoon, he enlightened and inspired each one of us with his work and wise words and how he reached where he is today.

It’s Celebrity week !

Listening to professionals in a field and getting inspired by their wise words is always a good way to start your morning. Andrea Chong, one of the most well known fashion bloggers in Singapore came in this morning to give us a talk on her life as a blogger and the various skills she has…

What should my skills be ?

Future proof personal development planning helps me develop my personality and take suitable measures to reach my goals. Based on the group discussions it is understood that, in order to become a fashion buyer I need to have the following skills: Good analytical skills Creativity The ability to recognize future trends Excellent commercial awareness Communication…

A step closer

Week 1 at college is all about making friends, attending classes and receiving your lesson plans for the semester and understanding the overall idea of our subjects. My classes for my first semester from January 2017- March 2017 included Futureproof personal development planning and Future fashion innovators.