Working towards my goal !

For my final project this semester, I am working on a buying plan, as I would like to pursue my career as a fashion buyer. For my project I am working on launching an online fashion store in India that provides the audience with a platform to purchase garments from international fashion brands that are not easily available in India. After 6 months of research and work I put together a buying plan for my brand.

I aim to bring brands such as Ann Taylor, Loft, Aeropostale, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister etc. To start off with I will only be providing consumers with garments and as time passes by I will introduce new brands and a wider range of categories.

In order to highlight my buying skills I had to concentrate on constructing an assortment plan which comprises of all the important information with regards to my stock such as design, colors, sizes, cost, retail price my mark up percentage, profits etc. The construction of this assortment plan took a long time as recording information of each product could take up your time.

On making my assortment plan it made it easy for me to put together my financials and have an understanding on how much would I be investing and gaining from this project.

I have also formulated marketing campaigns as to how I would be marketing my brand and on which platforms.

This project has got me thinking about my future and what measure I need to take in order to pursue my career. Or should I try something new ?


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